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For those who crave a more vigorous and active massage experience, Thai Massage is the treatment to enjoy. A tradition in Southeast Asia’s Thailand, this unique and ancient practice is one of our specialties. Enjoy the benefits and rejuvenation of a traditional Thai Massage today at the hands of one of our professionals here at Hawaii Thai Massage & Spa.
Thai Massage is an ancient honored art and practice, which began in the holy temples of Thailand over 2,500 years ago. While influenced by the healing practices of massage and yoga from Ancient India, the traditional Thai Massage is a practice unto itself. Considered by Thailand’s people a practice of both a necessity and proud tradition, this ancient practice was founded by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, renowned physician to Lord Buddha himself.

Dallas Texas


Unlike traditional Western massages, Thai Massage is often performed on a mat or mattress on the floor and fully clothed. Without lotions or oils, the massage therapist gently guides their client through specific energy-giving, tension-releasing positions and movements. With the massage therapist’s support and pressure along the bodies “Sen” or energy lines and points, the client’s muscles pains and tension subside while energy levels increase. A client after their first session can expect numerous benefits including increased flexibility, reduced muscle tension, boosted energy, boosted immunity and overall harmony.

There’s a reason traditional Thai Massage lives on today, across the globe and almost three millenniums after its origin. We at Hawaii Thai Massage & Spa believe bodily harmony means life-giving health. All our massages provide exactly that, but each client of ours is different. Therefore, we offer different massage styles and techniques to meet unique needs. One of our most historic and effective is the traditional Thai Massage. Enjoy one today and see where the practice takes you.

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