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Dallas Texas


There may never be a more vital time in your life to receive extra care and attention than before and after you’re pregnant. While most feel this way, many may not consider getting said attention through the art of massage. Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally transformative experience. Therefore, it’s a time more than possibly any other when the balance throughout your system is paramount, not only for you, but the life you’re soon to or have welcomed.

At Hawaii Thai Massage & Spa, we consider the body at its highest performance when it and the mind and spirit are all in an ideal and complete balance with one another. We also believe the ancient technique of massage helps reach this balance unlike any other practice.

Dallas Texas


When balance is achieved, the benefits reaped are endless. Pregnancy strains the body tremendously both before and after and can create ailments and discomforts normally never experienced. As such, balance through massage will relay even more benefits than usual such as:
  • The relief of fatigue, swelling, edema and overall pregnancy aches through human touch
  • The stimulation of the lymphatic system will flush toxins and leave muscles left renewed. Since the increased weight and carriage of the baby can create tense, sore muscles, massage can help relax and rejuvenate all tension
  • The strain of labor usually leaves the mother more than spent. Feel back to your normal self even sooner with postpartum massage
  • Headaches, which can accompany your nine months can also be relieved when special attention is given to the scalp and neck area during your session
  • Serotonin released naturally during your massage will relax and calm you and your body for a feel-good sensation, which lasts all day
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