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Dallas Texas


The most popular massage through Thailand today is hands down the nation’s traditional Thai Herbal Ball Massage. Unlike more common, Western massages, the Thai Herbal Ball Massage doesn’t just capitalize on the benefits of human touch, but also the healing power of herbs. You can conveniently enjoy this exotic treatment at the hands of our trained professionals here at Hawaii-Thai Massage & Spa.

Dallas Texas


The Thai Herbal Ball Massage begins with the collection and compression of a variety of Southeast Asian herbs within a thin Muslin cloth. Wrapped into a ball, the herbal collection is then steamed to enhance both the potency of the herbs and the client’s enjoyment. Herbs typically used include tamarind, kaffir leaves, ginger, lemongrass and many more. The aromatic concoction not only adds to the session’s bliss, but also its overall effectiveness.
You can expect the typical massage benefits from a Thai Herbal Ball Massage, such as increased circulation, relaxation, muscle release and overall wellbeing, but realize this practice introduces even more health gains. The heat from the warmed ball helps radiate warmth through the body, which often results in deeper relief.

Additionally, the herbs infused from the ball into your skin and the air will release their own benefits, as well. Depending on the herbs used, the ball can help your body throughout, from its digestive track to its immune system. Certain added herbs can even improve skin firmness and elasticity. No matter your needs, our Thai Herbal Ball Massage can help.

Since we at Hawaii-Thai Massage & Spa believe in the diversity of our clients, we also believe in the diversity of the treatments we offer. Therefore, we’ve learned from countries around the world and brought back their most prized massage practices. No matter what treatment you choose, you’ll no doubt be sure to find overall balance and restored health after each session.
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